Over the last few years Jack has been involved in designing pots for plants paying particular attention to both the texture and colour of many varieties of flora and in particular, aloe species and selected succulents.  Jack is currently experimenting with new glazes and enjoys mirroring the colour and texture of plants, soil and rocks into his finishes.

Jack's main focus with his clay pieces is texture and contrasting dry or matt surfaces with shiney and smooth finishes.  Jack is always seeking out new effects by adjusting glaze recipes experimenting with clay bodies and varying kiln tempreatures and atmosfheres.

The one thing that remains a constant consideration for Jack when working with ceramics, is his regard for how the look and feel of his pots can enhance natural environments such as gardens and how they may be applied in landscaping designs.

Recently Jack has developed and added to some new homewares fired to 1305 °C in a reduced kiln atmosphere.